YUGMA Summer Internship - 2022

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About the program

Why Summer Internships: It’s an opportunity for students to

  1. Understand business and gain crucial skills to be career-ready.
  2. Connect with the right mentors and learn from their experiences of managing business and people.
  3. Have an edge on the CV during final placements as the learning comes in handy when positioning self to a potential recruiter.
  4. Use this as a weapon to build a personal brand especially when you have no past work experience.

The Summer Internship Program by YUGMA is uniquely designed to provide opportunities to students from B-Schools to solve critical problems, be a part of an organization’s growth journey and gain valuable career skills by working with fast-paced and growth-driven organizations.

The program also provides an opportunity for students to leverage 2 – 3 months of internships to get ready for the roles ahead in their careers either as professionals working for other organizations or going the entrepreneurial way.


The companies hiring with YUGMA have ambitious growth plans in years to come and have designed the internship projects that have a deep impact on those plans. Each project is directly tied up to some crucial business objective that will enhance learning, experimentation, entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving.

Client Testimonials

Founders Speak

In many ways Summer Internships are gateway for final placements. Over the last two decades both as a corporate campus recruiters as well as B school mentor; I have seen that a relevant summer project with handholding, depth and a structure helps students get closer to the dream final placements. It is essential that every day of the 8-10 weeks of the internship one should learn and leverage the access to Industry stalwarts

Dr. Srinivas Chunduru

Founder & Director – VANS Group

A good summer project along with right mentorship is a gateway for students to make appropriate career choices in the future and gain the right skills for being future ready. This is one platform, in my experience, that helps students gain an edge in their CVs and therefore the curation of YUGMA and a structured SIP with our esteemed corporate partners.

Meenu Bhatia

Co-Founder & Director - VANS Skilling & Advisory